Blood on Their Hands

Over the last couple days, a drama unfolded in the Bay Area that was heartbreaking. News stations inappropriately tagged it as a raid of a "trafficking" website that was seized. This site to us Sex [...]

My retirement and my new business

I've traveled the US for years, and those years were truly wondrous. I have enjoyed my life immensely, but I now long for a more stable life, where I can plant roots. For that reason, [...]

Updates and Viewing Information

For those of you who are keeping up with the progress of the Feature Documentary American Courtesans, here is an update including distribution details!We have been the Official Selection of 10 different film festivals around [...]

The Screening and Progress of American Courtesans

I often think that what defines a person, is not what situations or experiences a person goes through but how they interpret, react, and change from those experiences. One would think that it is only [...]

Cherry Blosoms

Spring. A season where everything starts to take life again. Bears awake from their long hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, the white blanket of winter snow has melted away to reveal an expanse of green [...]

We are nothing more than Animals….

Everywhere you look there is a headline or a commentary about “Sex Trafficking”. It seems, the women here in the US, caught in the slave trade have become a priority. There are stings tagged “Operation [...]

Rocking the boat….

American Courtesans is now out of color and the sound mix. We expect delivery - Sunday nite and then will pair the sound with the film on Monday...and we’re done. I mean really done. I [...]

Documentary Film Making 101 and our waves…

Documentary Film Making 101 and our waves...I know it’s been a while, since I’ve written in my diary, but the world of production, while still on the road has proved a bit challenging. Now, I [...]

American Courtesans – The Film

Yesterday my phone rang, and it was the director, his voice was excited.... ”We’ve done it, we’ve got ourselves a film”...”Not just any film, a feature documentary with content that has such limited access to [...]

Hunter Morgan – American Courtesan #12

Exotic, captivating, and a Sex Kitten to say the least Hunter Morgan is mesmerizing. Retired now, she has moved to a small town in Northern California to try and find a place that is hers [...]

Pearl Callahan – American Courtesan #11

A Chocolate Drop, A Midnight Blonde, Dynamite in a Small Package. Those are all adjectives that Pearl Callahan uses when describing herself, and they are right on..... She is a native Northern California girl who [...]

American Courtesan #10 – Hilary Holiday

A Minnesota girl and a hippie at heart, Hilary Holiday is stunningly beautiful. High cheek bones and a figure of a Femme fatale, Hilary could probably draw a crowd simply by walking in the room. [...]

Gina in the Morning – American Courtesan #9

The “American Courtesan” project began on September 22, 2011, and it began with a single ad put on the internet to see if there were any other woman out there who would be willing to [...]

Juliet Capulet – American Courtesan #8

In the beginning “American Courtesans” was nothing more than a series of questions loosely structured, and an idea to morph those questions into a film. However, there would be no film, if no one would [...]

American Courtesan #7 – Norma Jean Almodovar

She sat in a small apartment in a quasi-safe area in Southern California. Her flaming red hair was accentuated by the blueness of her eyes. Behind a blockade of tables with computers, cables, dolls and [...]

Gina DePalma – American Courtesan #6

Representing NYC, Bold, Brash, and Unapologetic; Gina DePalma rocks the S/M world on a daily basis. This Rubenesque, Lebanese, American Indian fire cracker is a professional Dom, a companion (with her own incall in NYC) [...]

Tamsen Crown – American Courtesan #5

I caught my breath the first time I saw Tamsen. I had been in the kitchen interviewing Gina, and I heard that Tamsen had arrived and was in makeup. I made my way back to [...]

Skylar Cruz – American Courtesan #4

A diamond in the rough is exactly how I would describe Skylar. I first met Skylar in DC at a restaurant in Dupont Circle. After eating, we walked across the street to Teaism to get [...]

The girl from Google+

For the last few hours, a post on google+ has been running through my brain. A girl who said she is getting ready to graduate from high school wrote me to ask about getting into [...]

Our second American Courtesan – Emma Dupree

Emma Dupree is our second American Courtesan. A Southern Belle on the outside, Emma is a fiery temptress on the inside. Refined, educated, and articulate Emma entered into this world later in life; her story [...]

Our first “American Courtesan”

In the filming of “American Courtesans”, I had the pleasure of meeting Erin Marxxx, and extremely attractive young escort/porn star. This woman had flown to AVN to attend the awards, so we met in Las [...]

The Ride

There are days where my life seems to whirl around me moving faster and faster as I try and catch up. It used to scare me, as I felt so out of control...You know, that [...]


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