There are days where my life seems to whirl around me moving faster and faster as I try and catch up. It used to scare me, as I felt so out of control…You know, that illusion that we so often believe is real? But today, I find the undulations, thrilling. Nothing in life worth pursuing is ever a flat rode, or at least I never seem to find them. My roads in life have been punctuated with enormous hills and deep valleys. But somehow as time goes by, the hills keep getting higher and the valleys are not quite as deep, and I’ve learned to enjoy the ride. And this new adventure is the ride of my life.

My normal routine of touring and visiting those I hold so near and dear, is mixed with the booking of hotel rooms, plane and train tickets, press passes, shoot locations and scheduling each person so that when we set down, they can have my full and undivided attention. When I get up each morning I realize that this is real and it is really happening. After a lifetime of silence we are now talking and if I stop for a moment it really does scare me. But… scared as I may be, I just take a deep breath when I’m at the top I raise my hands and let go, after all we’re already in motion and somehow with each moment the ride gets wilder. In less than a month the first trailer will be cut and you too can begin the ride. You will be able to sit with us as we lead you into our lives. See just how we live, where we’re from and who we are.

The co-ordination and filming “American Courtesans”, is an experience I’ll never forget. It seemed to start as just an idea, and somehow that simple thought, the thought of us telling the truth and showing the world who we really are…. has gained momentum. Where at first it was a 5 or 6 of us escorts getting together and talking about our world, women from across the US and even overseas have begun to reach out. My days are now filled with emails, texts, direct messages, tweets, inboxes and phone calls from both women and clients who believe in what is happening. With 6 escorts on film from the first week of shooting, and 10 more scheduled for the up coming shoot… the numbers are growing. In the next two weeks, we will be interviewing 5 more clients, 3 more family members and 10 more escorts. We will be attending AVN, as well as an AVN event or two while in Vegas. We have had two very generous individuals open their homes in both DC and New Orleans so that we have a place to film. A jazz club in the heart of Nola, and a chef have stepped up to help with a place to shoot and a hot meal or two for the crew and the women who are so amazingly candid and inspiring. Women from CA, NV, DC, NYC, RI, MN, LA, MI, and a couple more states are flying in to take their place as an “American Courtesan”. Some of you are probably wondering will I know any of these women, and many of you might be shocked to find out you do, as we are neighbors, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends; most living silently among you. All we ask from you is that you leave your preconceived notions at the door, and just for a moment be open. If you can do that, I promise you this is a ride that you won’t easily forget….