Everywhere you look there is a headline or a commentary about “Sex Trafficking”. It seems, the women here in the US, caught in the slave trade have become a priority. There are stings tagged “Operation Rescue” and even Obama has come out saying that it is a priority. But those of us within the industry beg to differ. If your daughter is missing and has been caught, there is truly little chance of getting her back, because those who could help, have been distanced by the Feds and local law enforcement due to their in ability to be honest about the situation. From within we see this every day… Here is what we see…

This push comes about every four years just before an election. After November, it will pass not to be heard about until the next Presidential Election in 4 more years. This year it’s wrapped up as the ‘Slave Trade’, where last time it was just a crack down on Prostitution… Either way its always dealt with the same. We really don’t matter, and it will pass. Just watch… For years those of us within the industry who started by being trafficked have tried to help, but to no avail. If we do, we go to jail, just as your daughters and loved ones will if they are out there. The current methods of “rescuing” these women leave them violated and hummiliated as witnessed by so many of us.

Who do these kids contact when trying to get away? Us… What do we say? We would love to help but we don’t want to get hurt and there is no one to protect us… Do we tell them to go to the police? NO… they will be arrested and then the stigma will follow them the rest of their lives. Why do we say that?… Because many of us have been there. We know the ropes and we know how it works. We see the problem from the inside, but still to the main stream, we are nothing more than animals, that are being hunted. If we become public and take a stance, we will go to jail.

I’m sorry to say but the actions being taken have such drastic unintended consequences that many of those loved ones that are missing and you care so much for will die, or end up staying in this life due to lack or places to turn. Not an optimistic picture I know, but a true one. All this hype will disappear…. I have spent a lifetime in this business and sadly it never changes…. We speak about just how the early year arrests of us women are treated and how we get trapped as the facade of “help”, is really no more than a headline….

“American Courtesans” is more than a simply documentary. It is a look into a world that outsiders have not been privy too. We talk about the slave trade and even show pictures of us Under Age in Clubs working… never to see a cent. So, I am unclear how a Law Enforcement Agent or a Politician can even begin to think that they know are world after all.. how many days of their life did they give up their rights and liberties at the hands of another?