Time is a valuable commodity, something we can never get back. Each day we get up and decide how to spend our time, constantly forcing us to set priorities. Often in the process we forget ourselves and too often we chose obligations over self-nurturing. In booking time with me, nothing else will exist. We can shut the door on the outside world and for a moment you can be yourself. No judgements, no expectations… You can be you. You and your well being will be my focus. As a courtesy, I have been fully vaccinated for Covid19. I would ask the same of you. I want nothing to stand between us….

Tour Schedule:

8/2 – 8/5 Sacramento
9/11 – 9/16 NYC
9/18 – 9/22 Washington DC
10/12 – 10/15 Houston, TX
10/27 – 10/29 Sacramento, CA


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For questions or information about making a reservation, or email me at: [email protected]