In the filming of “American Courtesans”, I had the pleasure of meeting Erin Marxxx, and extremely attractive young escort/porn star. This woman had flown to AVN to attend the awards, so we met in Las Vegas. To say that Erin is stunningly beautiful would be an understatement. Being half Cherokee Indian and half Italian, this 5‘4”, 129 lb woman is both well spoken and engaging. Erin began to tell me her life story. She currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, who was also wonderful enough to be interviewed. Right away one might think that this is a strange situation, man involved, must be her pimp….. Her being married, and her husband knowing what she does… but as you hear her story and sense her fierce drive, you begin to know that this woman stands on her own. We get to follow Erin, from her beginning years of life on a river with a single father to her ultimate calling as a Sex Worker, in the arena of porn and escorting. Her husband sits beside her proud as he too is in the porn business, and the one thing that you know as he speaks… He has nothing but love and admiration for Erin. Ever want to know what Erin’s life is really like. What she enjoys, what hardships she’s endured and what she holds close to her heart? This will be your chance… “American Courtesans” will let you hear straight from her, what her life is really about.

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There are thirteen American Courtesans in total, each different, and yet each has a common bond. They have lived in a world less known to the outside than you would think. As time progresses I will slowly fill you in on who exactly each woman is.