I caught my breath the first time I saw Tamsen. I had been in the kitchen interviewing Gina, and I heard that Tamsen had arrived and was in makeup. I made my way back to the bedroom so graciously donated to us by a gentleman who is a friend of our world. As I turned the corner, I was taken back by a statuesque beauty. Tamsen Crown a Courtesan/Dom from the DC area sat with out makeup in a t-shirt and gym pants as Nisa the makeup artist prepared to begin. Her porcelain skin- fair, pale and without blemish, was overshadowed by her natural red hair and her eyes, so blue that I’m was sure the ocean had met it’s rival. I couldn’t tell how tall she was but my guess was 5’10 to 6 feet. She sat there unadorned in all her grandeur and immediately I knew why she took the name Maestra Tamsen Crown. Her uniqueness was apparent and stellar, her energy was raw and intense. Her power unmistakeable……I knew this would not be easy for her, by the discussions we had had prior to the meeting, but she was ready, ready to go back to those memories that even she no longer spoke of as they were so painful. She had told me when we first began to write that she had “lived a very girl-interrupted – boarding school – reform school life until 16.”, but still at that moment, I had no idea what I was going to hear….

Tamsen Crown described to me a child’s worst nightmare…the need for love and yet being pushed aside, sent away, and medicated. At the age of 16, she tested and graduated high school from a reform school in North Carolina. Then suddenly she was put on a bus by her grandmother with an envelope containing four things: A note saying she was emancipated and could sign for herself and an address of a mother who was not there, a birth certificate, a bottle of meds containing an RX for depression or something like that, and $50. Push around, passed off, and yet surviving, Tamsen Crown made her own way in this world….Follow this magnificent statuesque woman as she recalls her humble beginnings…from the streets to becoming one of the highest priced call girls in NYC. Her story powerful and unique – her journey – something you will never forget. www.thetamsencrown.com