Spring. A season where everything starts to take life again. Bears awake from their long hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, the white blanket of winter snow has melted away to reveal an expanse of green grass dancing in the cool breeze. The warm air starts to invade our senses, as it pushes the cold out of our bones. The barren branches that have been so much a part of our landscape for what has seemed an eternity, now give way to blossoms of varying shades of pinks. The quiet of a long winter is broken by the sound of birds singing in the crisp morning air. The sun can now start our days again with a warm kiss as the fog flees to find a safe harbor till it can return to haunt our long winter mornings. His absence from her for the last few months has been like a shadow cast over her soul. He left her with a deep longing that could not be filled no matter how many people she met, dated, or fucked.

She still dreamt of him every night. The throbbing that came from deep within her pelvis was getting stronger as each day passed without him next to her. The scent he had left on her pillow, though starting to fade, was what she clung to as she imagined him next to her. She had hoped that the dreariness of the long winter would have extinguished her desire for him. She was deliberate in her daily actions, all part of an elaborate plan to dispel him out of her mind and body. Her visits to the bars, sex clubs, and swinger parties were almost methodical as she searched for a means to satisfy the deep hunger that he had left within her. Night after night, partner after partner, the mechanical motions of reaching an orgasm was one that was functional, not fulfilling. Her search for that connection, that one hedonistic moment of immeasurable pleasure, an instant where two bodies could experience one moment of exquisite fulfillment, had become like a hunt. She wanted to devour every man that crossed her path, have him fill her up, take her on a path to sexual ecstasy that would leave her exhausted and spent so that she did not need to feel the emptiness of this absence. Maybe he’ll come back to her now that the winter has gone, will he keep his promise to return at the first sign of the cherry blossoms?

Her feminine beauty and sexuality were all part of her subtle dominance over him, as thus, she was his cherry blossom. He knew that few would ever get to see the fragile nature of her heart. And like the bloom of this delicate flower, she would show her vulnerability very briefly. Only he had seen the fragile nature of her heart, only he had touched that part of her, and been in that part of her. With each time he left, she shed that part of herself, just like the blooms that would fall to the ground.

With baited breathe she looked out her window. At the sign of the first bloom, she felt that feeling deep within the pit of her stomach. Everyday she looked, she wished, she hoped. Could this be the day that her warrior was to return to her side? She could still remember when he first walked into her room, that first look into his eyes, their first embrace, and their first passionate kiss. As they stood at the door lost in their own world, she knew at that very moment she was in trouble. If she closed her eyes right now, she can still feel his body pressed up against hers, awakening every sense in her body. She remembers the urge to just tear his clothes of right there and then, an urge that was difficult to temper. It took everything in her to pull herself away from him. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him, but what kind of a lady would she be if she didn’t conduct herself with a certain amount of modesty?
“To hell with modesty!” She cried out in her head.
But upon her lips came the right words as any lady would say, “Nice to see you, I guess the least that I could do is let you in the door.”
She couldn’t quite catch her breath. Her thought patterns were getting erratic. The pulsating in her loins was getting stronger with each passing moment of idle banter between the two of them. This agony had to end sometime, yet she was a little afraid of this new sexual awakening that was coming from deep within her.

She looked at the clock again. She had replayed that scene so many times over since their last meeting. It was those very thoughts that left her pussy wet with yearning for the last few months. Even though today appeared to be yet another ordinary day, something in her felt that this day was going to be different. The cherry blossoms are finally in full bloom, he was coming, she just knew it. The dripping between her legs was getting hard to control. He had to come today, he just had to. He had left specific instructions for her, instructions that she had gone over a million times, practiced to the point of perfection. He had promised her bliss beyond what she had ever known. She was going to make sure this time was perfect for him.

“Do you want me to make you wet?”
She could only moan her response as he whispered the question into her ear.
He continued to push himself up against her, making sure that she felt his hard erect cock pressed up against her clit, “you didn’t answer me.”
“Yes, yes…”, she groaned, as she felt the moistness between her lips start to drip down her leg.
“Yes what?” he asked, as he started to pull away from her.
“I…I…ahhh…don’t pull away, I want to feel you up against me,” she pleaded.
He knew her body so well. She was getting to that point where she could easily cum with his cock rubbing on the outside of her clit, “get wet for me then,” he asked of her. A request her body easily abided to.

The phone rang twice, and stopped. She held her breath for a second, anxiously awaiting for the next sign. After twenty seconds, the phone rang once, and stopped again. She felt that deep ache return in her stomach, she knew it was time. She was dressed in nothing but a black lace bra and thong. She had contemplated on whether or not she should wear the garters, and decided that perhaps she should since he loved them. Garters were a look of a glorious past, a reflection of a time where only the most refined and feminine of women would wear them. It was what made a woman perfect looking on the outside, but at the same time, they hinted at the sexually charged animal between the sheets. She opened the door and looked down the hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of him, perhaps even trying to sense if he was near. Even though that was against the rules of the game, she couldn’t help herself. She came back into the room, conveniently forgetting to shut the door behind her. The thought of his sweet embrace was enough to get her sexual energy in motion. She laid herself across the bed, carefully opening up the black lace robe to reveal the carefully chosen ensemble underneath, one that he had chosen for her before he left the last time.

“I want you to spread your legs and think of me licking you,”
“I want you to feel the circling of my tongue on your clit, but whatever happens, I do not want you to cum.”
This was what he had said before he left the last time. As she spread her legs apart, bringing her heels up on the bed she thought about him between her legs. First, parting her moist lips with his fingers. Then, the gentle flicker of his tongue sent an electrical surge through her body as she imagine his tongue moving back and forth across her labia. She was starting to get wet again. She could feel his tongue starting to go in large circles, almost as if trying to disperse the moisture all over her already dripping wet pussy. Her clit started to pulsate, she desperately needed to touch herself, provide some relief maybe. But his instructions were specific. Maybe he wouldn’t know. She could not help but think of sucking on his cock. He was usually hard after eating her out for awhile. She loved the feel of his long stiff shaft as she moved her mouth up and down, sucking on him as if there was no tomorrow. He would go crazy when she ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. She could feel him getting harder in her hand, and this only served to make her even wetter, and send her clit into overdrive. She had to constantly resist the urge to just put him in her mouth right there and suck on him till he blew his load. No, she had to be patient.

As she stroked her own breasts, the throbbing in her clit was getting to be unbearable. The purple vibrator was sitting next to her, “pick me up, I promise I’ll make you feel good.”
“No, I shouldn’t.”
“It’ll be okay, just for a minute, no one will know.”
She looked over the other side and saw the realistic dildo lying by her leg. It took every measure of self control to not pick it up and put it in her mouth, just so that she could imagine she was sucking on him. She pulled on her thong, trying to get it to press up against her to give her some relief. She arched her back and she felt the crotch of the thong press up against her clit. Her hips started to move, she needed to ease the pulsating that was getting stronger and stronger. She saw a shadow at the door, “was it him?” At that very moment, her arousal level hit a new peak. She was desperate, she knew he liked to watch her. She spread her legs even further. With her hands between her legs, she pulled the thong to the side to reveal her wet lips. She brought her knees into her chest to so that she could spread her pussy even further, revealing her hole, liquid oozing non stop from within. Opening…closing…opening…closing…a constant rhythm, ready for his manhood to be inside of her, filling her with every hard inch of himself. “Oh god I want you!” She moaned.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she had to get some relief. She pulled the thong off and threw it to the side. Her hand reached between her legs and for a moment she pressed her entire palm up against herself. She moved herself harder, pressing up against her own hand, as his pressing up against his. Her fingers found to her clit, engorged, from the excitement of him. “Ahhhh….” She moaned.
She tried not to act so hungry. Her fingers moved in slow big circles, imagining that it was him. As her hips moved with the ebb and flow of her excitement, her fingers started to move faster. “Oh god, please, I just want to feel you,” she called out to the shadow at the door. She heard the familiar sound of his zipper, she knew he could see her. He moved into the doorway. She saw his big, hard, beautiful cock. As he stroked his cock, back and forth, very slowly, she was following in rhythm with her fingers and hips.
“Can you feel me sucking on your cock?” She managed to ask in between he moans.
“Get hard for me baby.”
She felt her pussy juices flowing, her mouth was salivating at the idea of his cock filling her with his hardness. The sweet smell of him, the taste of his manhood in her mouth, “oh baby, I am so wet for you. Can you feel how wet I am getting for you?” She circled her fingers a little faster. Her body was desperate to cum, desperate to feel him inside her, filling her up. She reached by her side and grabbed the dildo, “I’m sorry baby, I just need something inside of me.” “I need you inside of me.” She slipped the dildo easily into her. She was so excited that her pussy sucked the dildo in as if it had been starved. She heard his breathing get a little, as his cock was getting harder with each passing moment. “Can you see how wet I am baby?” She asked again, as she moved the dildo in and out of herself, imagining the entire time that it was him moving in and out of her, feeling his throbbing prick fit perfectly inside her. She could feel him pulsating in her, and with each stroke, her pussy ached for more. She wanted him harder, moving faster. She just wanted him to fuck her over and over again. She closed her eyes and laid her hard back, took the vibrator and put it up against her clit as she moved the dildo in a fucking motion, in…out…in…out…

He loved watching her touch herself. He smiled, his cock swelling and throbbing in his hand as he ached for the feel of her pussy to be wrapped around him. He watched intently as she fucked herself with the dildo, content in knowing that only he could ever fuck her the way she wanted. He came in and shut the door, sat down on the chair beside the bed. She was oblivious that he was even in the room at this point, all she could feel was his hard, pulsating cock moving in and out of her. She wanted more, she wanted to cum. Her wet hole wanted to be filled, to the point where it could just explode all over his rock hard stick. He got in a little closer to watch the moisture come from her pussy with each stroke of the dildo. He moved his hand in the same rhythm as she was fucking herself.
“Fuck me baby!” She moaned.
“Can you feel how wet I made myself for you?” She continued.
“I’m going to cum just for you, only for you,” she gasped.
She finally looked over to see him masturbating. She got even more excited by the sight of his huge cock, fully erect right next to her. “Please fuck me baby.”
He shook his head, it was against the rules, he had left specific instructions. She pleaded a little more, “am I not wet enough for you?”
“Get wetter,” came the whisper in her ear. “Can you see how my cock is desperate for your sweet hole?”
She nodded as she felt her body just about reach its peak.
“Don’t cum yet.” He said, “I want to watch your pussy explode all over my cock.”
She moaned with each stroke of the dildo, and as the vibrator continued to undulate over her clit, the urge to cum was getting harder to contain.
“Your cock is so hard. I can feel you fucking me! Can you feel how wet I am for you?”
He started to move his hand a little faster up and down the shaft, feeling himself pulsating harder with each stroke. Maybe he could just fuck her for a minute. No, that would be against the rules of this game, and he couldn’t give in. He had never seen this side of her before. Her wetness saturated her pussy. He liked to watch her fuck herself, this way he could see her wet hole come alive, and how desperately she wanted him inside of her.
“Oh baby, I’m going to cum” she started to scream a little louder.
“Do you feel me?” He asked.
She couldn’t even respond to his question at this point. She was doing everything she could to not cum. He was torturing her.
“Do you want to see me cum baby?” He asked.
All she could do at this point was nod and moan. He body was starting to shake uncontrollably. She felt like she was about to burst. She turned up the vibrator, pulled her knees back and started to fuck herself even faster.
“Yes, just like that, feel me fucking you just like that,” he whispered in her ear.
“Can you feel how hard I am inside of you?” He asked as he continued to jack himself off even harder.
“Uh huh….oh god, yes, fuck me!”
He started to move his hand faster, with each stroke of her dildo, he kept up with his hand on himself. He was getting ready to blow his load. She looked over at him, and from how engorged his cock was, she knew that he was about to cum too. “I need to cum now, I need to cum all over your cock!” She was moving her pelvis back and forth as the vibrator started to get her clit so hard that it was getting ready to erupt. While he was getting ready to explode, she was getting ready to implode. All she could think of was him, fucking her, and with each stroke, they were getting closer and closer.
He loved watching her, she was perfect, she couldn’t help herself. He knew she just loved to be fucked. “Does that feel good baby?” He asked again.
“Uh huh” was all that she could muster.
“Faster, fuck me harder, faster,” she screamed at this point.

She sat up a little so that she could see him on his knees between her legs, his entire cock swelling and throbbing. He kept himself far enough away so that he could see her wet hole getting bigger and bigger, sucking the dildo in with each stroke. As she watched him jack himself off, she moved in the same exact rhythm. “That’s it,” she cried. “Right there,” she continued, in between the moans that were eminating from her uncontrollably. “Don’t stop. Oh god don’t stop!” She screamed. He eyes fixed on his swollen cock, getting ready to gush all over her, and his eyes fixed on her love hole swallowing every inch of him.
“That’s it baby! Here it comes!” His breathe getting shallow as he felt everything getting to that critical point. “Tell me what I like to hear baby! Tell me!” He called out, as he got himself right to the edge of orgasmic ecstasy.
“I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming just for you.! Please cum for me, I need to see you cum for me.” She screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt her clit explode at that exact instance. That was what he was waiting to hear, that was what he wanted to hear. He always knew that what she loved most was that final act of exquisiteness, the moment where he could be a part of her, that moment that she so desperately yearned for when he wasn’t around, the feel of his cum all over her as he brought her to the height of her sexual peak. The throbbing in her didn’t stop, her insides were clawing onto the dildo, wanting it to penetrate her even more “She pressed the vibrator harder towards her sweet exploding mound, and pushing the dildo even deeper in as she watched his cock unload his love juice all over her, like a volcano of molten lava boiling for the last century waiting for the right moment to release his manliness all over her sweet, sweet self.
With a final shudder, she raised her hips, and arched her back. Watching him cum like that sent her even further into herself as she went into a series of uncontrollable orgasms.

He was right, he did send her into a bliss beyond anything she had ever known. They both laid there, not a word was said between the two. With her head on his shoulder, as he cradled her in his arms, she was very aware of how contented she felt. As both their heartbeats started to slow down, regulating to each other’s rhythm, their breathing pattern started to reflect the fall into a deep satisfying slumber, she could not help but look forward to the next bloom of the cherry blossoms.