A Minnesota girl and a hippie at heart, Hilary Holiday is stunningly beautiful. High cheek bones and a figure of a Femme fatale, Hilary could probably draw a crowd simply by walking in the room. Her seductive cat like prowess is apparent and alluring, and yet she is both holistic and grounded at the same time. Hilary came from a family that was devout in their religious beliefs. Church had always played a big part in her life and own personal religious beliefs were so strong that she attended bible college, after finishing high school, but so many times life has other plans for us. Ending up pregnant out of wedlock and after a very violent incident with her father, Hilary made a choice to separate from the church. She began her own journey, a journey to find for herself.

Attempting to make things right Hilary married; which seemed to be the moral thing to do and would be more acceptable to her father. But, as they say, best laid plans, etc, etc. Her husband ended up being abusive, like her father, an all to common story. So after years of living in an abusive marriage, Hilary left in a deflated and suicidal state. Her decision to work for a pimp seemed like a better option than the marriage she was in. Leaving the abuse behind Hilary entered this world. Here is where her story will contradict what you have always heard in the past, that all pimps are bad. Hilary’s pimp taught her how to work and how to stay safe and at the same time, she began getting her life together.

At one point, she became aware that she could do this job on her own. Hilary told her pimp she was going out on her own and he wished her well as she embarked on a life which was solely of her choosing. Today, Hilary lives with her three kids in a house that she bought herself. She runs her own business and has found her own spiritual path. She prides herself on adding to others lives and talks about handicapped clients who are so misunderstood by the outside world. Unlike those who believe that women are victims in this industry, Hilary speaks of those men who put her back together. She credits them for instilling in her the self esteem that she so much needed growing up. Today Hilary’s life is good and she is her own woman.