Exotic, captivating, and a Sex Kitten to say the least Hunter Morgan is mesmerizing. Retired now, she has moved to a small town in Northern California to try and find a place that is hers in this world. I have know Hunter for many years and one thing I know about her is that her perseverance and unwavering drive have kept her a float though out her life. A run away at and early age Hunter escaped a home that was fraught with both mental illness and child abuse. Her schooling cut short at the age of 13, in order to work for the church. A church that forbid her mother to get help for her mental illness. Hunter believed that if she were going to make it out of that world she would have to leave, and so she did. At thirteen Hunter hit the streets as a run away in order to find a better life for herself.

Hunter began her career as a dancer working in strip clubs from Vegas to Sacramento. Her world is still punctuated with pain as she still seeks what we all do, love and acceptance. Her drive to get out of this life is apparent. Although she is here by choice, her choice has cost her more than most could bear. She speaks of what she wants most in life…..”to be loved for who she is”….powerful and so very human. Hunter has done more than most would with the tools she was given. Her education paramount and how as is her need to continually improve herself. There is a child like innocence about Hunter and her honesty about even the most painful subjects had the crew searching for tissues when her interviews were over (and I’m talking about the men).

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