So much has Happened over the last few weeks, it seems like a whirlwind, but I want to keep you updated.

Bloody Hero International Film Festival, February 8-10, 3013 Phoenix, AZ

Three of the crew from American Courtesans attended the Bloody Hero Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ and I must say, I was honored to have this film play along side the others I saw… American Courtesans took home the award for "Best Edit of a Feature Film"….Amazing!

Women’s International Film and Arts Festival, March 20-24, 3013 Miami, FL

We were just notified that AC is an Official Selection of WIFF – the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival in Miami, FL. This is so very wonder as they seem to have a big presence with PBS, and… at the Adreinne Arsht Center for the Performing, a red carpet event will be held on opening night, and Jada Piinkett Smith will be the speaker. I can’t even believe that we are part of this. I don’t have the screening schedule yet, but I will put it up once I have it. Honored, simply honored.

ECU The European Independent Film Festival, March 29-31, 3013 Paris, France

American Courtesans has now gone global. We are also an official selection of the ECU The European Independent Film Festival in Paris, and our film will be screening there. We are one of 4 non-European documentaries screening at the festival… (BTW, ECU is pegged as the Sundance of Paris!). This is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of but it fuels me, as we do have a message, and an important one.


More about us


We are in the process of putting together a contest, allowing 5 women who work in this industry a sneak peek of the film. The reason being, is that we do expect some bad press. Why? Because there will always be those out there who don’t want us do well. Those who have ulterior motives, and have made up their mind before they see the film. I am getting that from the screenings we have done. The say that "those who are convinced against their will are still of the same opinion". So we’d like our opinions from within the industry to be heard first, so that we have a say. If you would like to be considered, just email me at [email protected] and I will keep you posted when we finalized our contest guidelines.

Release Informtation:
Expected Release: Summer of 2013, on VOD, Cable, DVD, and BlueRay