A diamond in the rough is exactly how I would describe Skylar. I first met Skylar in DC at a restaurant in Dupont Circle. After eating, we walked across the street to Teaism to get some tea and headed upstairs to a small table in the corner. The light shone through the window highlighting the deep indigo streaks that ran through her black hair. They were subtle and playful. Very appropriate for her age. Skylar Cruz is the baby of the bunch. She is now 22 years old and lives in the New Orleans area with her mother, her sister, and her brother. She started working at the age of 17 from a small ad on craigslist; bringing older men to her room in the basement of her families house. Her father absent and her mother depressed, Skylar soon became the pillar of strength for her family. She began helping with the bills and as time passed her life began to change. She now has a degree in Culinary Arts, and is back in school for business. She made her own website embedding it with video and creating it herself and she talks about exactly what this world has done for her. We take you into her room so that you can actually feel where she came from and understand her humble beginnings. If there was on thing that I knew by the end of our time together, was that this girl could go far. Skylar was driven, intelligent and had an undeniable charisma.

At the end of our time in DC, a gentleman approached the table, with a picture that he had drawn of Skylar. She had captivated him too. For more about Skylar, see her website pureskylar.com, but I can promise, you won’t want to miss this young girls story in “American Courtesans”.