There are days when I almost can’t believe what is going on is real… I seem to have those every day right now. Things are moving so very fast, and well, you never think you will be in this position.

Our film "American Courtesans" was submitted to Sundance… I know it is a true shot in the dark, but lets get real.. the odds of us women even making a film is next to nothing. And for it to be high caliber enough for it even to be entered.. well, that’s stellar! It’s an honor to even have the opportunity, in my eyes, even if it’s not accepted. I mean who would have thunk?

And… we are now registered on the International Movie Data Base (IMDB). And that in itself is quite a feat. We are asking all out supporters to go to the site and "like us", put us on your watch list or even just link others to the page somehow…

Also, there you will find the link to our own webpage with a trailer on it and also on that page is our reservation from to RSVP to one of the private screenings. We will be doing one in a theater in NYC and one in LA. Hope to see you there!

You guys rock and I hope us working girls make all you supporters proud!!!!



(oh, if I can talk my supporters into going to my page below and do the same thing, that would be amazing. thanks… k)