In the beginning “American Courtesans” was nothing more than a series of questions loosely structured, and an idea to morph those questions into a film. However, there would be no film, if no one would be willing to talk, a much more challenging idea that I let myself entertain. I began to put a list together of women who I wanted to contact, women who I thought would be outstanding examples of true professionals; Juliet Capulet of San Francisco was at the top of the list.

Jul’s life as an escort did not start until her later years, after one of her son’s was diagnosed with Autism. At that time, Juls had been working in Corporate America, she was a wife, a mother, and upwardly mobile. She describes the moment the doctor told her that her son would have to be institutionalized and how she made a decision that it would never happen. Juliet Capulet, changed her whole life. She quite her job and became a special education teacher learning everything she could about autism, and started a journey that only a handful have ever had to make. When her son turned 16, she looked around and realized just how much her life had changed. Her marriage a shell, her career; now in Special Ed, and herself. Well, she hadn’t taken a moment to think of herself. Juls had done what so many have not been able to do and yet it had cost her the world that she had previously known. Her son was functioning, in school and even taking a bus by himself; she was alone and wanted to live again.

Juliet became an escort for more than simple financial gain. She had evolved into a sexual being and yet, those needs had been put on a shelf. Her journey one of self discovery and enjoyment. She speaks of the business side of escorting, such as the paying of taxes and medical visits, and the personal side as well. She approaches her current career with excitement and enthusiasm, as she talks about the feeling of opening the door for the first time to see just who is on the other side and how that alone is a sense of eroticism and pleasure. Juls is also the founder of a high end erotic theatre called Teatro Erotica. Reminiscent of Stanley Kubricks “Eyes Wide Shut”, Juls lets us film inside the house where a Teatro event is about to be held. We see all that goes into it and learn first hand what happens inside Teatro.

When I asked the women to send me some talking points so that I could put together bios for each of them, Juls spoke so very loudly of who she is that I thought I’d include it as well. For more about Juls, check out her website at

Juls own bio:

Juls is an independent businesswoman, an ethical role-model, a mother, a stoic, wife, sister, special education expert, a bread-winner and good daughter.
She is an erotic Guide to those hungry for sexual evolution, a therapist, an addiction to affection starved gentlemen. She is a mentor to young business-women, as well as a teacher and evangelist of women’s reproductive health.
But most importantly, she is woman slipped free of the yoke of social convention to glide freely within the strict constraints of her own set of mores and a shadow economy;  Hilariously tolerated by a society too embarrassed to look her in the eye and simply thank her for her contributions.
In retrospect Juls is most significantly a business influencer and agent of quantum change to the World’s Oldest Profession.  Loved by her peers, family and beloved Soul-Mate, Juls embodies all these roles and wears them as comfortably and interchangeably as an actress changing her costumes