American Courtesans – Progress and Test Audiences

Okay, so with the making of every film, there is a process. A process that is multi-layered and much more magical than an audience could ever imagine. From raw footage and hours and hours of filming, a short 90 minute-ish assembly is made, which transforms an idea into reality that others can partake in. That [...]

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American Courtesans – The Film

Yesterday my phone rang, and it was the director, his voice was excited.... ”We’ve done it, we’ve got ourselves a film”...”Not just any film, a feature documentary with content that has such limited access to the regular world, that it’s sure to be seen”... I could feel my heart pound because those words to me [...]

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Hunter Morgan – American Courtesan #12

Exotic, captivating, and a Sex Kitten to say the least Hunter Morgan is mesmerizing. Retired now, she has moved to a small town in Northern California to try and find a place that is hers in this world. I have know Hunter for many years and one thing I know about her is that her [...]

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Pearl Callahan – American Courtesan #11

A Chocolate Drop, A Midnight Blonde, Dynamite in a Small Package. Those are all adjectives that Pearl Callahan uses when describing herself, and they are right on..... She is a native Northern California girl who comes from the inner city, and yet her smile is as carefree as if she had never seen a hard [...]

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American Courtesan #10 – Hilary Holiday

A Minnesota girl and a hippie at heart, Hilary Holiday is stunningly beautiful. High cheek bones and a figure of a Femme fatale, Hilary could probably draw a crowd simply by walking in the room. Her seductive cat like prowess is apparent and alluring, and yet she is both holistic and grounded at the same [...]

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Gina in the Morning – American Courtesan #9

The “American Courtesan” project began on September 22, 2011, and it began with a single ad put on the internet to see if there were any other woman out there who would be willing to step out of the shadows and let the world see just who we were. I wanted to know if I [...]

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Juliet Capulet – American Courtesan #8

In the beginning “American Courtesans” was nothing more than a series of questions loosely structured, and an idea to morph those questions into a film. However, there would be no film, if no one would be willing to talk, a much more challenging idea that I let myself entertain. I began to put a list [...]

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American Courtesan #7 – Norma Jean Almodovar

She sat in a small apartment in a quasi-safe area in Southern California. Her flaming red hair was accentuated by the blueness of her eyes. Behind a blockade of tables with computers, cables, dolls and a baby monitor to watch her much loved, yet elder husband who needed constant attention, Norma Jean sat a cup [...]

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Gina DePalma – American Courtesan #6

Representing NYC, Bold, Brash, and Unapologetic; Gina DePalma rocks the S/M world on a daily basis. This Rubenesque, Lebanese, American Indian fire cracker is a professional Dom, a companion (with her own incall in NYC) and a chat line operator. Gina, born to a well-to-do family, ran away at thirteen. Her mother, an alcoholic, would [...]

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Tamsen Crown – American Courtesan #5

I caught my breath the first time I saw Tamsen. I had been in the kitchen interviewing Gina, and I heard that Tamsen had arrived and was in makeup. I made my way back to the bedroom so graciously donated to us by a gentleman who is a friend of our world. As I turned [...]

Tamsen Crown – American Courtesan #52019-01-07T17:42:13-08:00


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