Blood on Their Hands

Over the last couple days, a drama unfolded in the Bay Area that was heartbreaking. News stations inappropriately tagged it as a raid of a "trafficking" website that was seized. This site to us Sex Workers is know as SFRedbook or MyRedbook. It was a site that allowed workers to post ads and more important [...]

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My retirement and my new business

I've traveled the US for years, and those years were truly wondrous. I have enjoyed my life immensely, but I now long for a more stable life, where I can plant roots. For that reason, I have decided to open a massage business in the Sacramento Valley, and stay put. I will miss you all [...]

My retirement and my new business2019-01-07T17:28:19-08:00

Updates and Viewing Information

For those of you who are keeping up with the progress of the Feature Documentary American Courtesans, here is an update including distribution details!We have been the Official Selection of 10 different film festivals around the world, from Paris to Jakarta, and Rome to Costa Rica... American Courtesans has won awards for "Best Edit", "Best [...]

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Update on the Feature Documentary "American Courtesans"

So much has Happened over the last few weeks, it seems like a whirlwind, but I want to keep you updated. Bloody Hero International Film Festival, February 8-10, 3013 Phoenix, AZThree of the crew from American Courtesans attended the Bloody Hero Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ and I must say, I was honored to have [...]

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The Screening and Progress of American Courtesans

I often think that what defines a person, is not what situations or experiences a person goes through but how they interpret, react, and change from those experiences. One would think that it is only the negative that I am speaking of, but actually, I’m speaking of the positive as well. The making, marketing and [...]

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Cherry Blosoms

Spring. A season where everything starts to take life again. Bears awake from their long hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, the white blanket of winter snow has melted away to reveal an expanse of green grass dancing in the cool breeze. The warm air starts to invade our senses, as it pushes the cold out [...]

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We are nothing more than Animals….

Everywhere you look there is a headline or a commentary about “Sex Trafficking”. It seems, the women here in the US, caught in the slave trade have become a priority. There are stings tagged “Operation Rescue” and even Obama has come out saying that it is a priority. But those of us within the industry [...]

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Sundance, us working girls, and The Film American Courtesans…

There are days when I almost can’t believe what is going on is real... I seem to have those every day right now. Things are moving so very fast, and well, you never think you will be in this position.Our film "American Courtesans" was submitted to Sundance... I know it is a true shot in [...]

Sundance, us working girls, and The Film American Courtesans…2019-01-07T17:28:19-08:00

Rocking the boat….

American Courtesans is now out of color and the sound mix. We expect delivery - Sunday nite and then will pair the sound with the film on Monday...and we’re done. I mean really done. I will leave the studio with a copy in my hand and we did it. Such a crazy mixture of excitement [...]

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Documentary Film Making 101 and our waves…

Documentary Film Making 101 and our waves...I know it’s been a while, since I’ve written in my diary, but the world of production, while still on the road has proved a bit challenging. Now, I said, challenging, but not impossible. In fact, we have taken an idea. An idea that was conceived in September of [...]

Documentary Film Making 101 and our waves…2019-01-07T17:49:16-08:00


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