My favorite quote on this website is by Jean Bauldrillard. He says “Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and that commands the higher price”. Stop and think about that. Most never really know what true seduction is, or the price of it. This is my playground. I love the art of sensuality and the journey of seduction. I spend my days and nights exploring human boundaries, in order to help you find yours. I truly enjoy holding you there, pausing on the edges of your reality, letting you feel each and every moment. Each time we’re together the intensity leaves me breathless and you….I saw it in your eyes….You didn’t even know that passion like that existed. Seduction allows me to enter places within you, that you have never allowed another to touch. It allows you to be who you are and me to be there with you: totally non-judgmental. Each second that I’m with you, the real you… my needs are met. Sex alone takes no skill, no thought, no intimacy. That’s not enough for me…I want it all. I want to know the real you.

However, in life, everything comes with a price. Here, the cost is higher than most would ever imagine. So, what would I say is the true price of Seduction…..well, its the risk…the risk that you might find out who you really are, whether your willing to pay the price or not.