I was putting together a resume on linkedin today and I had to actually downsize the number of adult industry jobs I’ve had in my life. As I went back and really put together my lifetime in this business I found it ironic how my resume, withstanding the fact that I was working in Brothels, looked like a typical resume of a woman who was upwardly mobile. If the the job didn’t consist of blow jobs and sensual seduction, I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be an airtight resume for corporate America. But even more ironic, I was worried about putting that I was a prostitute, even though I worked legally in the brothels, as I was afraid that linkedin would delete my account, now I’m not saying they would, but I’ve encountered those kind of things in mainstream media. So I didn’t put in in the title. And, I decided not to put any dates on the resume.. at least not yet, so that you will still have to guess a bit longer just how old I am, a question which I’m asked almost weekly.

After a life time of our talks, and dinners, walks in the park and heated moments in the room, 2012 will be my last year touring and working in the capacity which I do now. I really at this point can’t imagine life without you, a foreign thought to say the least, but I have a few simple things that I would like to experience in my life.

I want to know what it’s like to wake up in my own bed, my eyes instantly knowing where I am and maybe someday have the same person by me each morning….

I want to walk into the kitchen and have the luxury of making a pot of coffee just how I want it, for numerous mornings in a row. I want to know what it feels like to take something so amazing wonderful for granite, as right now that doesn’t seem like a bad thing, I crave familiarity.

I think it would be amazing to experience the maturation of the lush garden I’ve so carefully tended in my back yard. I always seem to be on tour during the growing season from April to October. Missing the humming birds playing in the fountain and the the bees landing on each and every flower in complete contentment. And those plants that have that majestic one flower, I often see on the downside of the flower’s life.

I know….tall orders, nothing like a demanding woman. It’s time for me to slow down from day to day traveling. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop working though. Instead, I have already embarked on a new career path. I figure nothing like getting my feet wet while I still have a safety net beneath me. But that’s another story for another blog…..

I guess this is my formal announcement of my retirement, I’ve got one more year though, (whew that was scary) …wow, I’m going to see how that settles ..after all, all of you are really the only life I’ve ever known. So, here is what I’m going to do, as I said I’ve started on a new project. The idea began developing a couple of months ago and it’s up and running. I’ve decided to bring you along on the journey, so we can stay close. I’ll document my progress as the project unfolds, but that too is for another blog…So, stay close for now, and I promise to write soon.