Okay, if you’ve already found my site you have obviously crossed over one of societies barriers, or moved past the gate at least. So the question is, where will we go from here? Will you be timid and slow to warm up, shy and somewhat naive, or are you an adventure that I’ve yet to experience? Either way, I’m so very glad that you’ve found my world and me. Each morning I get up and think how lucky I am to have this life…after all, it’s you that make’s it so worth while. I love the combination of our energies; the power that comes from two passionate souls merging. I love to know that if only for a moment you give yourself to me. I learn from your life and get to touch worlds other than my own.The music, the culture, the travel and you….simply you….makes each and every moment of my life unforgettable. For those reasons I so look forward to our time together.

If you’ve just found yourself on my site, and I haven’t scared you away, brace yourself because the journey we will take is one that others can barely understand. My playgrounds are diverse and my mind is open. I will add to your life that something that’s been missing for so very long…..I know you know what I’m talking about….. but now we can play, move past those cravings, and find a world that’s just ours….
I’m here looking out the window at the snow and thinking of you. I took meticulous care packing my bags making sure that each and every item I brought would serve to enhance your pleasure. My packing list always begins my journey back into our world. Lingerie, for this especially, I take my time. I make sure to take into consideration that I might not know your mood until we meet. Something dainty with ruffles…to bring out the protector in your or maybe your dominate side. Leather or latex…just in case you need to know whose in charge. My little girl skirt, a corset or two, and of course my garters…I always need my garters. Next I go to my shoes, a girl can never bring too many…or have too many for that matter…but my shoes are so very important to our play as it sets the mood. Three to five inch heels; each carefully picked out. Next, comes the fun part. My toys, a girl can never have too many toys. What toys do I bring? ….Ummm…. you’ll have to come see me to find out. But what I can promise you, is even if I brought nothing….I could take you to places that you would never want to leave….

(Oh, or you can join my paid site and read exactly what kind of toys a girl like me plays with…and what I like to do with them)