I’m slightly scared and hesitant….exposing myself to you has always left me feeling so very vulnerable. It is so seldom that I have felt safe enough to take the risk, but with you I do. So I need to tell you exactly what you mean to me. It is through you that I have found how to live. You have led me to your favorite cities and restaurants. I have experienced your world…the museums…the piazzas…the smell of a wood burning fire in a remote cabin, the white crystal like sand as we walked on the beach. I have seen the gradeur of the of the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, the Effiel Tower, Rodin, Rembrandt, The Blue Mosque…I’ve been moved by your soulful blues clubs and erotic literature. You have made me who I am today. I have relaxed in your arms knowing that everything is going to be okay, and been able, to be there for you when things aren’t so smooth. I remember your eyes after 9/11 had shattered your world. I remember seeing the first flowers arise after the floods of Katrina, and we were together. I think that’s what makes us special. We don’t have the pressures of the outside world…this world is ours. My desire for you is unyeilding. My body aches for your touch. I need you. For without you my world would be empty. You are my life. I am honored to be by your side, if for only a moment. I am honored to know you.