The last couple of months have felt nothing short of a whirlwind. In trying to complete both photo and video shoots for my new “Inner Circle Friends” portion of my site, I learned something rather interesting about myself. Aside from the fact that I now know how my legs can be bent, twisted, spread and placed in every possible position known to man, and that I possess physical capabilities that can rival that of any skilled gymnast, my discovery about myself was one that is more esoteric in nature. So, drum roll please….
I love being a woman!

In the hectic chaos of having to shop for new lingerie and toys, coming up with creative ideas to make this portion of the site unique, and keeping up with the shooting schedule that made for some long 16 hour days, I still managed to keep my sanity about me. True, I collapsed into bed every night, tired and spent, but still I woke up every morning, excited and anxious to greet the day that lay ahead, almost as if an electrical energy was surging through me. It was in then that I figured out what keeps me going. What it is that allows me to find those moments of solitude, a respite from the frenzied activities of any day. Whether it was for the photo shoot or for you, or simply the act of getting dressed, the daily routine of getting ready is what makes me the woman that I am.

As the water hits my skin, slowly running down my body, gently massaging me, it breathes life into my otherwise tired self, and within moments, I feel like a flower reaching up to kiss the sun. The feel of my hand gliding across my naked skin as I put lotion on awakens my senses. As I look into the mirror and start to put on my make up, it is then that I watch myself transform into the woman that I am.

Watching myself getting dressed, I start to feel this inner fire swell deep inside the pit of my stomach. The feel of stockings slowly being pulled up each leg, then carefully attached to my garter brings me one step closer to that end point where I feel complete. The final zip or button on my dress tells me that I am within moments of being wrapped in complete ecstasy. As I reach over to look at the clock, turn the lights down, and set the music, I realize in that moment that this mini vacation I take just before we meet is what I cherish. Because it is in those hours of getting ready, that I realize that I am getting ready for you. For it is you who can truly take me to a place where only few women will ever get to experience in their lives, but I am lucky enough to feel everyday. The anticipation of greeting you and bringing both our worlds together devours me. And with that first embrace, I know what lies ahead. As I said before, I discovered that I love being a woman…because you always treat me like one…providing me with pleasure when I’ve craved it, ecstasy when I’ve needed it, and fulfillment when I’ve wanted it.

It is because of you that I love being a woman…