I’d like to wish all of you the best for the New Year!

I have some exicting updates in which to tell you about, the main one being the launch of my new Inner Circle Friends site, Pavillon de Erotica. This new site of mine has caused some confusion as it looks similiar to my current site. So in order to clear up some of the confusion, I thought I’d let all of you know the difference between the two.

My Inner Circle Friends site, which can be accessed by clicking the "join now" or "members" buttons (www.kristendiangelo.com), is a new site that contains graphic material, such as videos, a picture gallery that shows my face and me in erotic positions, personal facts about me and my life, erotica I have written, an interview with me of a personal nature, private blogs, etc. Tour information, reservation forms etc is available on my current site (www.mykristen.com) and not my Inner Circle Friends site. Come play with me and find out more about me, or even better, find out more about yourself.

My tour for Jan 2009 is up, and I will be starting of with Washington DC on Monday 1/4 and will be there through Friday 1/9, and then I will be in New York city starting Saturday 1/1o through Wednesday 1/21.

I can’t wait to see you…let’s kick of the New Year with a party that’s ours and ours alone…xoxo