Reality is beginning to sink in that this will be my last year on tour coming up and I’m already off to the next adventure. The upside, is your included! I’ve been working with an amazing crew on the project “American Courtesans”. This film with document the lives of a few of us women, our families and our clients in a effort to de-stigmatize this industry…A lofty goal, I know, but with the years I been here and the experiences I’ve acquired, I feel an obligation to at least try and make a dent in public opinion.

We started filming at the end of November and during that time, we were able to interview 6 different powerful and amazing women about their lives, how they got in the business, and what keeps them here. We have heard both stories of hardship and triumph. Their experiences are so vast and differential, and yet each had a common thread and a bond that the outside world somehow was oblivious too. From runaways at the age of 13 to college educated women, these women somehow have managed to find a safe haven in the adult world. Whether from a strong family unit or left to their own defenses while young, each of the these women have not only survived but prospered. Amazing stories I tell you more moving than even I was ready for… In an effort to support these women clients, and family members have agreed to be discreetly interviewed to tell their stories of what it is like to be in the life of an escort or adult entertainer..

The crew for “American Courtesans” has now gone home for the holidays and will take up where we left off in January. Here we will move across the US. Starting in OC, then on to New Orleans, DC, Minneapolis and Chicago. I would love to find some women in NYC, but right now, it looks like that city will be unrepresented…such a shame as I’m there all the time, and know just how many of us work in the Big Apple….

Those of us who have been in the industry for some time have had to live behind closed doors. Media knocks every now and again and we shy away not trusting that our stories will be told the way we want them to be. Our lives only come to light when there is a scandal or unfortunate experience, we find solace in being anonymous and safety in staying unknown. But…I will be retiring. So it is time for me to give back. To explain to the world just how wonderful and amazing we really are. I have promised to keep you in the loop as this experience unfolds…to allow you to follow me on this journey, and I will do just that. So, boys, sit back and enjoy the view. In the middle of January, I expect the first trailers and the first unveiling of those women who are in this film…curious? You’ll just have to stick around!