My Valentine to you….

Every once in a while I stop to think about how truly lucky I have been and about how amazing my life is. Not often enough do I take the time to give credit to those who have made it so. With that said…..I need to tell you that the events in my life would mean nothing without you. Our moments together mean more to me than you could know. My life has been so amazing solely because of the worlds you have opened for me. The places I have gone and the things I have seen exist only because of you. You have enriched my life more than any educational facility has yet to do…. So, if there is one wish I could have for you on Valentine’s Day, this is it….

On this Valentine’s Day…I wish you peace, contentment, amazing adventures and bliss……..I wish you delight and lightness….I wish you happiness, such a rare commodity in this day and age. But, more than anything, I hope that I have at least touched your life a fraction as much as you have touched mine….and in return I’m going to be selfish for a moment…just a moment…..and tell you my Valentine’s Day wish…..

It’s very simple…I just want more….more time with you, more of you….just more. I guess that’s a little unfair as I’m not always around, but I can’t think of a greater compliment than to tell you that I want more…more of you just the way you are…..

Happy Valentine’s Day