One would think of this lifestyle as glamourous and full of all the wonders life has to offer, and while that is true on occasion, there are problems which come with it. For instance, the security process at the airports. One would think that this is a simple matter which after repeating a few dozen times should be a piece of cake. Unfortuantely this is not true. I travel with different accessories than most, and while I could go without…you shouldn’t. So I bring with me an assortment of toys, lingerie, bondage equiptment, lubes, gels, heels, etc….all of which get checked in, and is gone through on each plane flight. I know that tsa is only doing their job, and I know that what they find in my luggage is not their usual fare. But the unusual, state I have found my luggage in a couple of times, conjures up visual of the tsa people having a good old time with my stuff. For example, how could the leg bands on my strap on get adjusted on a plane flight? What was the person thinking who wrote the comment "Nice" on the tsa slip I found in my bag. Were they coveting my lingerie, or was there desire to be tied up and ……well, you get the picture. Then, the nipple clamp incident….One side opened as wide as it could be, the other pinched very tightly closed. Did this person have really different sized nipples and were they just trying it on for size, or did they really believe there was a national threat between the tips of my nipple clamps. These are the questions that I believe are probably best left unanswered. But next time you are flying and you hand a tsa person your bag, one might think to them self…."What ever you do, please, please, please, just don’t stretch out the shoes!"